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Taking you where

you need to go.


Serving the Kansas City Metro since 2009

Our goal at Red Letter Transportation is to provide you with safe and reliable transportation to your destinations. We provide non-emergency transportation service to the Kansas City metro.

We strive for your trip to be an enjoyable and pleasant one with you in mind. We also pride ourselves in getting you to your appointment and back in a timely and safe manner. When we schedule your ride with us we want to have you at your appointment on time and also escort you to the Doctors office. We will schedule one of our vans to be back ASAP once we get a call that your appointment is finished. Red Letter Transportation is a business with high regard to values and cost effectiveness for you as a customer. Thank you for considering Red Letter in meeting your transportation needs.




All of our vans are converted to transport wheelchairs. All of our vans have the fullest set of tie downs so the wheelchair is very secure along with being seat belted in.

Safety is a top priority.




This means the person we are taking to their appointment are able to walk with no assistance or by using a walker or cane.


We transport people who are being dismissed from the hospital and take them home or to a Rehab or Nursing Home Facility. Oxygen is also provided up to 5 liters for a minimal cost. We have also taken hospital dismissals out of town or different states if needed.
This can be by wheelchair (which we provide if needed) or if a person is ambulatory. 


Rehab Facilties & Home Pick Ups

Wether you are at a Rehab facility or at your house, we offer the same service to you from wherever you are.


We provide transportation for patients going to and from Dialysis. We schedule all of our dialysis patients to get them there on time and pick them back up ASAP when their dialysis treatment is over, knowing they will be tired from it. This can be done for all three days of treatment though out the week. Weather does not affect us in getting them there because we know it is important for them. We also adjust for holiday schedules so they will not miss a treatment. 

Add ons

We can offer up to 5 liters of Oxygen, and have after hours rates after 6pm and all day Saturday.